Leaked images suggest Apple’s next iPhone might not look like the iPhone 6 after all

9to5 Mac has new renderings of the soon to be announced iPhone 5SE, and it looks a bit different than everyone expected.
These new images come courtesy of an iPhone case maker, and show the upcoming 4″ iPhone looking more like an iPhone 5S rather than the iPhone 6, as previous reports have indicated.
Unlike the 5S, however, the iPhone 5SE will have its power button on the side, where it’s been since Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014. The renders don’t show a Touch ID button, but 9to5 Mac is certain that it will be included.
These new renders may differ from previous reports on how the iPhone 5SE would look, but those may have been accurate too. According to Twitter user OnLeaks, Apple was testing two case designs for the upcoming phone, one with a design more akin to the shell of the iPhone 6, and another that resembled the iPhone 5S.
It’s unclear why Apple may have opted for the older form factor, but we’ll find out soon enough as their next keynote is rumoured to be happening in three weeks.

For full report visit here.


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